Occupational & Physical Therapy

Hopeful Journeys believes that the physical health of each student is an important component in maintaining the overall well-being of the child. Each student has individualized goals that are developed by our Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists. Students requiring additional therapy supports have direct access to, or direct consultation from our Occupational Therapist and/or Physical Therapist.

Adapted Physical Education
All students participate in Adapted Physical Education (APE) in order to increase their motor skills, get active, and stay healthy. Students participate in obstacle courses, cardio workouts, basketball, catch, scooter board races, yoga, and strengthening exercises. Students are paired up to complete the motor tasks together so that they have a peer to engage with and to keep things fun.

Gym Class
The Hopeful Journeys’ gym program teaches students exercise and cooperative sports skills within a group of peers. Students attend gym classes 1-2 times per week with their peer group to work on gym lessons that build on skills from the previous week to meet the unit goal. During classes, students also work on social interaction skills with their peers (i.e. eye contact, asking and answering questions, commenting) and working together toward a common goal. Classes build weekly within the month to teach modified sports to the students in a structured format. Sport activities include soccer, basketball, and kickball just to name a few.